The Adelaida District in westside Paso Robles is magical.  The winding roads, the massive oak trees that dot the golden landscape, the free roaming cows.....  Families of deer and wild turkeys grazing and the sight of California quail crossing the road, the swooping owls and red-tailed hawks that circle the wide skies - the woodpeckers busily drumming at the oak trees and the giant tarantulas meandering along the walkway...... It is absolutely a stunning area!  The night sky makes one ponder for the stars shine like diamonds and the quiet of the night is only interrupted with coyote howls or the emergence of wild pigs ......This is the far Westside of Paso Robles.  Vineyards dotting the higher elevations, where the ocean fog kisses the tops of the vines or the sheer force of the harsh sun that bears down on vines so firmly rooted in the limestone that are often subjected to the whims of unpredictable weather and scarcity of water.  This, then, is what puts Westside Paso on the wine map - explosions of flavors concentrated in the fruit so exceptional to make wonderful wines!

Mother Nature provides for what we cannot create in the vineyards and the exceptional community of Westside Paso Robles winemakers and wine growers beckon us to give our very best to make wines we are proud of and it is with gracious thanks and exciting possibilities, that we have forged ahead!