Old Pro

Santiago Achaval has been synonymous with Malbec for nearly 20 years.   You could say he's an "old pro" with this grape varietal.   Since founding The Farm Winery, we have looked forward to having a Paso vintage where we could create Malbec on its own.  After years of re-training the vines to grow less vigorously without cordons, we're excited to debut Old Pro, vintage 2014, to you.  There is just a single barrel, so our only regret is there is so little to go around.

Vintage 2014 winemaker's notes

This is the first time we’ve made this wine with just 21 cases produced.  

At The Farm Winery, we’ve been farming Malbec since 2010.  Every year.  With the hope of making a stand-alone Malbec.  Like the Argentinian ones.  And up to 2013, every single year, our Malbec was not good enough.  Back to the drawing board.  Declassified, blended……..

Until 2014.  We had a tiny amount of fruit.  Perfect balance in the vineyard.  Great intensity of grape flavors.  So we held our breath, and waited for the verdict of aging…… It was a yes!  But our 2014 Malbec wanted to be bottled.  It didn’t want 2 years of aging. We heard and accepted.

This is not my Argentinian Malbec. It does stand side-to-side with them, and it’s not a me-too.  It has Paso character.

On the nose, there’s that dark plum note that says Malbec.  Mixed with dark cherries that carry vibrancy and a savory note. On the palate you can immediately taste the effects of the Paso Robles limestone soils.  A refinement of structure.  A merging of tannin and minerality.  Standing next to the fruit without overpowering it.  In an empty mouth the savory note is dominant, demanding a return to the dinner table…..

postscript - from Farm Club members who could not wait to try Old Pro...

"Just thought I’d get back to you: opened the bottle of Old Pro last night, and was blown away. Totally and utterly blown away: an amazing Malbec.  Probably one of the finest I’ve ever tasted."

"We opened the bottle of Old Pro this past weekend with a few friends and some of my wife's homemade empanadas.  What a great bottle of wine! Tasted a bit like some of malbecs from the southwest part of France. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are thankful we have one bottle left!  We look forward to the next Old Pro vintage. Can't wait."