The Red Zone

Since founding The Farm Winery, we have farmed Syrah every vintage and combined it our primary wines:  The Big Game and Touchy-Feely.   We've even created Primal Scream which is two-thirds Syrah.   However, not until vintage 2014, did we taste Syrah which demanded to be its pure self.  When we did, The Red Zone was born.  The bad news is there are just two barrels.

Vintage 2014 winemaker's notes

100% Syrah from Terra Bella Vineyard.  44 cases produced.

When we harvest Syrah from Block 1 in Terra Bella, the top of the hill is fermented on its own, and reserved as a component for The Big Game.  But when we tasted barrels labelled 1410 and 1435, we couldn’t resist the temptation of setting them aside.  There is a time during tasting when a barrel screams “I want to be.”  When it shows that it is a wine on its own.  When it doesn’t need blending with anything else to be complete.

2014 The Red Zone is 100% Syrah.  A nose of intensity rarely found.  I find notes of red and dark fruits (freshness and ripeness together!); also, white pepper and mesquite smoke and charred meat.  What does this tell me?  That language is limited and cannot express this complexity.  In the palate, there’s a laser focus of vibrant fruit.  And at the same time, a three-dimensionality that invites exploration.  A sensation of space that is lightness within density.  The silences of music.

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