Enjoying the Wines

To best enjoy wines of The Farm Winery, please note:

1.  Storing:  For long-term cellaring, store at 55-60°F (13-15°C).  Short-term cellaring, below 70°F (21°C).

2.  Opening:  Our hand-dipped wax bottles (vintages 2009 - 10) are easy to open.  Do NOT try to cut off the wax.  Just insert the corkscrew through the wax, and open normally.  The wax will break off cleanly as you extract the cork.  Pictures here.

3.  Decanting:  Your wines from The Farm Winery exhibit extraordinary cellar potential  (see suggested drinking window).  Our own experience, confirmed by wine reviews, points to vintages 2009 - 2014 evolving to 2022 and beyond.  To enjoy now, the wines improve with aeration before drinking.  When you are ready to enjoy, pour the wine into a decanter.  If it broke the night before, pour the wine into any clean glass container (it will work exactly like a decanter). 
- For Touchy-Feely and Primal Scream we suggest bottle to decanter.
- For Cardinal, The Big Game, Old Union and LPF, we encourage bottle to decanter through a Vinturi.
- Especially before opening Cardinal, take a moment to read these notes.

4.  If you're the kind of person who likes wine toys, then get a Vinturi and use it!

5.  We like to drink our wines between 61 and 63°F (16-17°C).  Drink them at any
temperature you find enjoyable!  But give our favorite temp a try?

6.  Of the most recent vintages released, The Farm Winery bottled the 2018 vintage on February 4, 2021; 2017 vintage on February 8, 2020; and 2016 vintage on February 9, 2019.  The wines will improve with adequate cellaring for many years (until 2024+).  If you really can't wait (we couldn't!), pay special attention to note 3 above and suggested drinking window.