Westside Paso Robles Wines

We want to approach Westside Paso's Adelaida and Willow Creek Districts from different angles and different perspectives because this is not a Rhône-only or pure California Cabernet place.  This is a location where all the great varietals of Bordeaux and Rhône flourish.  This is one of the few places where a blend of them makes sense.

That’s the reason for Cardinal and Old Union and LPF – we found a special place where old-vine Cabernet Sauvignon, rooted on steep limestone hillsides gives us a version of Cabernet that has a laser-like focus…a blue laser precision of Cabernet.  But we also found vineyards where Rhône and Bordeaux are almost married – that’s why we’ve developed The Big Game

Besides Cabernet, we love other Bordeaux varietals.  Old Pro is our pure Malbec, and Pura Vida is our homage to Petit Verdot.

And co-existing with these serious Paso Cabernet interpretations, are our Rhônes:  a summer dance in a Grenache-based blend, Touchy-Feely; the big, exuberant Primal Scream; and our newest wines: The Dish, and The Red Zone with their intense freshness.

We refuse to be tied down to one model of interpreting Paso.  We will not choose between the joyful summer character and floral notes of Touchy-Feely, and the thoroughbred deep seriousness of Cardinal.  The both are inseparable parts of our way of living Paso.

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